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Is our tool safe to use?

Yes, our tool is safe to use! To prevent malicious websites from getting pixel data from a user's screen without them realizing, the EyeDropper API implements the following measures:

  • The API doesn't let the eyedropper mode start without user intent. The EyeDropper.prototype.open() method can only be called in response to a user action (like a button click).
  • No pixel information can be retrieved without user intent again. The promise returned by EyeDropper.prototype.open() only resolves to a color value in response to a user action (clicking on a pixel). So the eyedropper cannot be used in the background without the user noticing it.
  • To help users notice the eyedropper mode more easily, it is made obvious by browsers. The normal mouse cursor disappears after a short delay and a magnifying glass appears instead. There is also a delay between when the eyedropper mode starts and when the user can select a pixel to ensure the user has had time to see the magnifying glass.
  • Users are also be able to cancel the eyedropper mode at any time (by pressing the Escape key).

Source: Eyedropper API